Signs You Have Water Leaks in Your Property

Water is both a lifesaver and a dangerous and damaging force. Flood damage is a bigger issue for insurance providers than even the worst tropical cyclones, and we need to listen to ensure we have the right insurance coverage. Water leaks can also give headaches; therefore, we must do everything to prevent them.

Signs of Water Leak

It’s very common to have a water leak. However, most leaks are hidden and need special attention to discover. So, take time to look for the signs that you may need leak detection services.

1. Excessive Water Bills

Checking your monthly water expense is one of the best ways to detect a leak. If your monthly fee goes from $50 to $350, you probably have a leak or a busted pipe. Make sure to compare your expenses over time. Also, have a look at the bill from the previous year. If the difference is significant, you have to contact water damage restoration companies.

2. Mushy Ground

Your yard must stay dry if it doesn’t usually rain in your area. However, if you stroll around your property and observe mushy damp ground patches, you probably need water leak detection services. A broken water line pouring straight into the soil around your home can cause unusually squishy ground. Letting the leak continue will not only keep your yard wet, but it may also cause the ground to shift, causing significant structural damage.

3. Mysteriously Changing Water Meter

Even if you don’t have a leaking tap or a clogged drain in your house, there are some unusual reasons why your plumbing can be leaking. If you suspect a water leak, switch off all water-using appliances for about an hour. After some time has passed, go to your water meter and examine it closely. Is it still running? The sight of a running meter signifies a water leak.

4. Continuously Running Water Sound

The running toilet or dishwasher sound is familiar to everybody. However, because it’s such a typical sound in many homes, you might not notice it when appliances aren’t running. So when you hear the flowing water sound, double-check your appliances and toilets to be sure they’re both turned on. If you hear a noise, but everything is switched off, there is possibly a leak beneath your house or in the walls.

5. Moldy Smells

What is the one thing that all water damage odors have in common? It’s hard to ignore them. A musty smell in your home indicates that there is water lurking. Breathing in damp air is not only unpleasant; however, it can also trigger your allergies. Consider consulting with a specialist to help you in locating the source of the leak. For more details about water damage restoration, click here.

6. Moist Spots

It shouldn’t be that difficult to know where the water is coming from. In a home with a lot of spills, damp spots on the floors and walls are common. Watch out if you find discolored patches where you’re sure nothing has been spilled. You could have a hidden water leak if they don’t disappear or if you find more.

Leaving a leak unattended will cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. So save some money and watch out for the warning signs. If you suspect a leak, do not think twice to consult with a water leak detection specialist.