Addressing Common Problems with Lintels: Repair or Replace?

You are no stranger to maintenance issues if you own a home or any commercial building. Among these, lintel deterioration is a common problem that requires attention. Whether you should opt for lintel repair and replacement depends on several factors. 

Repair or Replace

Let us discuss the common problems with lintels and help you determine whether to repair or replace them. We’ll also touch upon relevant services such as lintel repair and replacement services and masonry services like tuckpointing.

What are Lintels, and Why are They Important?

Lintels are structural elements found above windows and doors in brick, block, or stone buildings. They support the weight of the wall above the opening and distribute it to the sides. Without lintels, the masonry above the opening would likely collapse, compromising the entire building structure. To prevent such a catastrophe, addressing any lintel issues promptly is crucial.

Common Problems with Lintels

Lintel problems can arise due to various factors such as old age, weathering, or incorrect installation. Here are some common issues that might affect lintels:

  • Corrosion: If the lintel is made of metal, such as steel, it can rust and corrode over time. This can cause the lintel to expand, which leads to cracks in the surrounding masonry.
  • Cracks: Cracks in the lintel may result from natural aging or excessive weight from the masonry above.
  • Deflection: Deflection occurs when the lintel starts to bend under the weight of the masonry above. This problem is more common in wood or weaker metal lintels.
  • Water infiltration: Moisture can infiltrate the lintel and surrounding masonry, weakening the materials and potentially causing frost damage in colder climates.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Lintel?

Before you decide whether to repair or replace your lintel, you must consider several factors, such as the extent of the damage, the cost-effectiveness of the solution, and safety concerns. Sometimes, minor problems can be fixed by repairing the lintel, but more significant issues may require a complete replacement. 

Lintel Repair

Small cracks and minor deterioration can often be repaired to prolong the lifespan of the lintel. These repairs can include epoxy injections, crack filling, and repointing of the surrounding masonry. Many lintel repair and replacement services can assess the damage and suggest appropriate repair methods.

Lintel Replacement

In some cases, the damage may be so severe that replacing the lintel entirely is more cost-effective and safer. If the lintel has corroded or deflected significantly, it may no longer be structurally sound, and a replacement is the best option. An expert in lintel repair and replacement services can help you determine the proper action.

Tuckpointing and Masonry Services

When dealing with lintel issues, it’s essential to consider the overall condition of the masonry as well. Cracked or damaged masonry can adversely affect the performance of the lintel, leading to potential structural problems. Hiring professional masonry services for tuckpointing, repointing, or brick replacement can help improve the stability of your walls.


Addressing common lintel problems is crucial for maintaining your home’s or commercial building’s structural integrity. Whether you need to repair or replace your lintel depends on the damage’s extent and other factors. By seeking the help of lintel repair and replacement services and masonry services, you can ensure a safe and lasting solution to your lintel problems. Don’t wait too long to address these issues – timely action can save you from costly damages and potential safety hazards.